Practical Checklist for Cybersecurity

Practical Checklist for Cybersecurity

Start your cybersecurity program on your own terms.  It will be a less expensive alternative.

In September 2018 I was listening to Joe Galvin presenting the top areas companies should focus on in the next year. One of them was Cybersecurity. The stranger sitting next to me asked me my thoughts. I kind of chuckled and said, “it’s pretty darn important”. He responded, “but it is expensive to implement” to which I replied, “it may be more expensive if you do nothing”. As our conversation continued it turns out he was the CEO of a few small companies. I told him I would be glad to help him develop a reasonable approach. We exchanged cards so I could follow-up with him.

I tried to contact him multiple times over the following few weeks. My email, phone calls, and voicemail continued without response. In my business as an advisor for hire, this isn’t unusual. I am ignored and rejected often so I continue on. As I drove past his office a few weeks later I decided to try calling one more time. He answered…”You don’t know how timely your call is!”. Turns out, his manufacturing company was shut down by a ransomware virus. I asked if he wanted me to send in an incident response team to help him out. He said he already had someone working on it so he didn’t need any help. I wished him well and offered to help anytime he needed it. Seems my previous calls were “timelier” for him than this one.

Last week, almost 6 months later, I heard the aftermath in a couple of independent conversations. As with folklore, these people heard different stories. The cost ranged from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Only one man, the CEO, knows the true answer. Regardless, spending a little time with me might have been a less expensive alternative.

This morning I discovered this post from Joe Galvin. It provides a 5-point checklist any company can use as a guideline. There are many ways to execute however so point 5 is key…seek professional advice. Being proactive might save you more money than you spend.

Click here for Joe’s 5-point checklist…